Where are Glow Lab products made?

Glow Lab products are formulated and manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand.

The only exceptions to this are Glow Lab candles (made in Australia), Glow Lab Face Masks (made in Taiwan).

Where can I buy Glow Lab products?

In New Zealand, you can find us at leading supermarkets including: Woolworths, New World, Pak n Save and Four Square. We’re also available at Chemist Warehouse and The Warehouse.

In Australia you can find us at Woolworths, Coles and Chemist Warehouse. You can also find us on Amazon online.

You can find a map of these locations across Australia and New Zealand here.

Glow Lab is not currently widely available across countries outside of Australia and New Zealand.

How can I become a Glow Lab stockist?

If you're interested in stocking our range, please visit this page to connect with our Customer Service team.

Which Glow Lab products would you recommend for my skin type?

For a routine builder tailored to your skin type, concerns and age range, check out our handy skin quiz here!

Is Glow Lab suitable for sensitive skin?

Our range of facial skincare is dermatologically tested and are all non or low-irritant, so suitable for use for those with sensitive skin.

We still always recommend you do a patch test first, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Just place a small amount of the product on the inside of your arm, pop a band-aid over it and leave it for
24 hours before using it for the first time.

If you have sensitive skin and would like to try out our range before committing to purchasing a full-sized product, check out our Mini Pack which contains a number of our top selling facial skincare products.

What should I do if I have a reaction to a Glow Lab product?

Even with natural products, some people can be sensitive to a certain plant botanical or essential oil in a formulation, just like some people are allergic to certain foods.

If you do experience a reaction when using a product, remove the product immediately, contact us and please don’t use the product again.

If you’ve reacted to an ingredient in the past, do check our list of ingredients on the pack or box before buying, to make sure they don’t contain anything you already know won’t work for you.

Are your products septic tank friendly?

Yes, Glow Lab’s haircare, handwash and body wash ranges are biodegradable, so it is safe to use in a septic tank. The only exceptions are the Anti-Bacterial Hand Washes, as this could kill helpful bacteria in the tank, the Glow Lab Active Body Wash, and the Purple Shampoo and Conditioner (as this contains violet dye).

Do you send out samples of Glow Lab products?

We don’t send out samples, but our Glow Lab Minis are the perfect way to trial our skincare range before you commit to a full sized product. You can find them in our Mini Pack.


Are Glow Lab products natural?

There’s no universal definition for ‘natural’ or ‘clean’ skincare. ‘Natural’ skincare usually means products that are formulated with naturally-derived ingredients, while ‘clean’ skincare is often used to mean products made without harmful ingredients. 

Glow Lab combines plant botanicals with clean, scientifically-active ingredients with functional benefits. We like to make it clear what we leave out of our formulations. That’s why you’ll find a ‘NO,NO,NO’ list on the back of our products (where pack size allows!), so that you can make informed decisions.

All of our products are free from parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, sls/scs/als and cocamide dea.

Our Glow Lab Baby & Mama ranges are also free from sulfates and isothiazolinones.

Are Glow Lab products cruelty free?

Glow Lab is a cruelty-free brand. None of our products are tested on animals and we use only ethically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients throughout the Glow Lab range.

Do Glow Lab products contain silicones?

No, Glow Lab chooses not to formulate with silicones.

Do Glow Lab products contain parabens?

No, Glow Lab chooses not to formulate with parabens.

Do Glow Lab products contain phthalates?

No, Glow Lab chooses not to formulate with phthalates.

Do Glow Lab products contain synthetic dyes?

No, Glow Lab chooses not to formulate with synthetic dyes.

Do Glow Lab products contain mineral oils?

No, Glow Lab chooses not to formulate with mineral oils.

Do Glow Lab products contain SLS/SCS/ALS?

No, Glow Lab products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), – also known as Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate – Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS). These are three of the most common Sulfates used in personal care products: a class of chemicals known as surfactants. These are often used to create rich, foamy lathers, but are also known to be irritating to skin.

Glow Lab does use Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) in our hand wash, body wash and shampoo and conditioners. SLES is a much gentler surfactant, as it’s derived from lauryl alcohol that has been
ethoxylated, so it has a larger molecule size making it less likely to penetrate the skin and cause irritation. In addition, we always take care to combine surfactants used in our formulations with other ingredients that help to boost and protect the skin and its microbiome.

Does Glow Lab use Keratin that’s derived from animals?

No. Glow Lab is a cruelty-free brand and as such sources it’s Keratin from 100% renewable natural NZ sheep’s wool. This is possible thanks to a locally-developed technology that uses a unique process to
extract Keratin from sheep’s wool. During the yearly shearing of sheep – which is an essential part of good animal husbandry to avoid fly strike and keep sheep healthy – the wool is collected and used for the extraction process.

We do not use Keratin created from animal by-products such as hooves or ‘slipe’ wool from dead sheep. So, while the Keratin used in our products is not plant-based, it is not derived directly from an animal product.

Do Glow Lab products contain Palm Oil?

Where we absolutely need to use palm oil-derived ingredients, we only source from reputable RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Plant Oil) certified suppliers and manufacturers.

The RSPO is leading the charge in driving real change in sustainable plant oil production and we work with them to ensure we’re sourcing as responsibly as possible. More information about the RSPO’s work can be found here.

The alternative to using palm oil is to move to petroleum-based ingredients which is not in-keeping with our ethos.

Does Glow Lab use micro-beads?

No, Glow Lab never uses plastic micro-beads in our products.


Why won’t the pump on my bottle release?

The most likely explanation is that the pump has stop working because the air seal is being broken each time the bottle is being opened. Very often, consumers open our bottles in grocery stores to test the smell, and then don’t close the screw top properly again.

If you find yourself with a stuck pump, firstly, the screw lid/cap on the bottle needs to be tightened as hard as you can. This creates an air vacuum seal inside the bottle (it helps often to unscrew the bottle, take the pump out, pop it back in, and screw on tightly). The chaplet (the base of the pump, the smaller circle of the two) can be put on too tight, so it turns with the pump straw when you’re trying to twist it! Please hold the chaplet down whilst twisting the spout anticlockwise.

The pump should pop up, ready for use.

Why is my Tinted Moisturiser/SPFMoisturiser is missing a pump?

These products are packaged in a premium, airless pump which doesn't contain a tube (clever huh- and less plastic too!) so don't stress! It’s totally normal that there isn't a tube. As an airless tube it creates a vacuum which gets the product flowing so it may require a few extra pumps than you'd expect to get the air out. If you are having trouble you may need to prime the pump by unscrewing the lid from the product, and then screwing it back on again. Now pump the bottle 20-25 times (yes this is quite a lot!) and the product should start to dispense correctly.

Why don’t some of your products lather as much as I’m used to?

Our natural, pH balanced formulations do have lower lather rates so they’re as gentle as possible. It is a personal preference as some people do love the lather, however, lather is often created with synthetic products, which we don’t use as we’re an all-natural product. However, please know that less lather doesn’t mean it’s less effective in cleaning your hair or body!

What is the pH level of your facial cleansers?

The pH of all of Glow Lab's cleansers sits between 5.0-5.5, which is the optimal pH of skin.

Is the Brightening Exfoliator gentle enough for everyday use?

Our Brightening Exfoliator is very gentle, but we reccomend using any exfoliator only 2-3 times per week to support your normal cleansing routine.

Will the Rosehip Oil Plus+ clog my pores?

Our Rosehip Oil Plus+ is super lightweight, fast-absorbing and won't clog pores.

It can actually do wonders for oily skin believe it or not!

Why does my Cleansing Balm harden?

Our Age Renew Cleansing Balm will harden slightly in cold temperatures given the formula is oil based and doesn't contain water. This is normal and is the same with all cleansing balms on the market, which is why the dispense hole is much larger than other tube products, to account for this.

If your cleansing balm has hardened in the cold, we suggest warming up the tube with your hands or running the tube under warm water. You can also keep it in the shower and the steam will help warm it up.