Glow Lab is beyond proud to be built from the ground-up, right here in Aotearoa.

As a New Zealand owned and operated company, with a factory in Auckland, we have complete control and day-to-day visibility of the entire production process from the initial product concept to what arrives on your supermarket shelf. Glow Lab products are dreamed up, formulated, manufactured and finally sent on their way to you, all from our head office in St John's.

By choosing Made in New Zealand, you are helping to minimise the carbon footprint left by the products you consume. You're also helping us to support job-creation in our local communities - thank you!

Currently, of our full range of over 115 products, all are made in New Zealand with a few exceptions. These are our Glow Lab Candles, Glow Lab Facial Wipes and Glow Lab Face Masks.


Our Glow Lab factory based in St Johns, Auckland is audited annually by independent organisations to meet international ISO 9001 ( Quality Management), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) standards.

We also have Eco Choice Aotearoa certification; this is only awarded to businesses that prioritise environmental and social responsibility. To earn and retain our Eco Choice Aotearoa certification we must pass strict science backed criteria, annual audits and show evidence of continuous improvement.


We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment through the packaging components we choose.

The amber bottles we use across personal wash, hair care and skin care are made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET), sourced from recycled water and juice bottles. This was a change we made from 100% virgin PET and, further, allowed us to light-weight our bottles by an average of -27%. These bottles are themselves also recyclable, of course!

For this, we were awarded GOLD at the 2020 PIDA Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Awards, in the Health, Beauty & Wellness category and WINNER at the 2021 World Packaging Organisation Awards.

Since November 2018, as a company we have reused and diverted over 1 million tonnes of plastic from landfill, through this initiative.


Wherever possible within our skincare range we choose to use glass packaging.

Glass is uniquely sustainable as it can be recycled again and again without loss in quality, purity and clarity.

So, please remember to put your glass pots and bottles in your weekly recycling.


Cardboard outers and shippers for our products are recyclable, made from recycled content, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) friendly.

All the cardboard waste generated as part of our manufacturing processes is recycled.


Glow Lab is a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

RSPO was formed in 2004, bringing together its many stakeholders to develop sustainable practices and help make sustainable palm oil a force for good.

Palm oil is extracted from the flesh and the kernel of the palm oil fruit. Palm oil has much higher yields than any other vegetable oil plants. They require four to ten times less land than other vegetable oil crops to get the same amount of oil. That efficient use of land makes palm oil attractive to producers and purchasers around the world. If produced unsustainably, it can have negative impacts – on the environment, on wildlife and on human rights.

There have been calls to boycott palm oil because of these negative impacts. Yet switching palm oil to alternative vegetable oils wouldn’t reduce these impacts. Sunflower, rapeseed and soy have much lower yields per hectare than palm oil, so, in fact, more land would be needed to produce an equivalent amount of oil. 

RSPO sustainable palm oil has been farmed, processed, distributed, and sold responsibly with strict rules that halt deforestation, protect animals, the environment and people who live and work in palm oil producing countries.

Wherever possible Glow Lab sources RSPO certified palm oil based ingredients, and reports our annual palm oil consumption to RSPO.

In 2023 99.99% of our palm-based ingredients were RSPO certified.


All Glow Lab personal care products are grey water safe. They are plant-based, contain no chlorinated bleaches; no phosphates and all surfactants are biodegradable.

They are also septic tank safe.